18 December 2014
Project Life
18 December 2014
    Project Life Project Life
The Life Project in Piacenza was the first European project of "Defibrillation Precoce" on the territory designed to prevent sudden death due to cardiac arrest. It was designed by Prof. Alessandro Capucci and Dr. Daniela Aschieri and was realized thanks to the contribution of doctors, nurses and volunteers from the association.

The project consists in the creation of a network of "semi-automatic defibrillators" located at strategic points in the city and the province and used by "non-sanitary" personnel.
The goal is to intervene within the fatal "5 minutes of gold" from the onset of cardiac arrest awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. The town of Piacenza with 99,665 inhabitants is well suited for the implementation of this project as it is a small town and all the districts are easily accessible via an extensive road system.
Subsequently the project extended to the province (150,000 inhabitants). The idea of the "Life Project" began in September 1998 with a series of meetings with citizenship in order to disseminate this new culture of emergence and to raise the funds needed to carry out the project. Meetings were organized with voluntary associations, holders of public and private bodies, responsible for cultural organizations and local authorities. In this way, we tried to involve the greatest number of people in order to make the project a goal of the Pianist community. Citizenship has thus welcomed the project and raised funds for its realization.

LAMINATI CAVANNA spa has been one of the first private companies on the territory to buy a Defibrillator, to create and train a team of volunteers among its employees. Our defibrillator is available at Calendasco Industrial Zone in Trebbia Town Square and is included among those available on the territory.