27 November 2014
The quality
27 November 2014
Every production process is guaranteed by Quality Assurance Certification according to ISO 9000 obtained in 2001. Every process has, in fact, been certified by a credited institution in order to assure a consistent level of
the quality of the service aimed to fulfill client’s requirements. Quality, innovation and continuos improvement are part of the company’s policy as well as being the values within which the welding definition and quality
control areas work.

LAMINATI CAVANNA S.p.A. is equipped with a solvent regenerating heat-conditioner, which shows strong sensitivity and attention to environmentally related issues.

The quality control lab constantly monitorizes materials and production processes through:
• gaschromatographic analysis that allow the quantification of solvent residues during and at the end of production processes;
• mecchanical resistance analysis (by dynamometre) to verify the delamination capacity, the welding capacity, the sliding coefficient and the resistance to breakage of the final structure
• the IR analysis (by FT - IR Bruker spectometre) to guarantee the homogeneity of the raw materials used and the completion of the seasoning phase at the moment of material release.